Yin Style Bagua Zhang International, Florida, USA, Study Group, Saint Petersburg, Florida

Our Mission:
To seek out and train hardworking individuals who are willing to commit the time and effort necessary to attain proficiency in the art of
Yin Style Bagua Zhang.
What we provide:
Systematic instruction to help motivated individuals attain the "cold, crisp, and fast" fighting methods of this art.
."Keeping The Martial In Martial Arts"

                                                  Now is the time to start preparing for He Jinbao and the 2014 Fall Tour          


The next Yin Style Bagua Zhang mini workshop will be schedule for
June 7, 2014 9AM till 3PM at Northwest Park, for more info contact Don @
Starting January 2nd the new home for Yin Style Bagua Zhang Florida study group , will be Suncoast Martial Arts
Located at 1901 13th ave no. located across from Police Pistol Range
For more info on schedule and pricing,
call (727) 327-9800